Our Teachers: Matthew Sherman

Matthew Sherman

Matt Sherman joined Manhattan LSAT in 2009 as an instructor - though his experience with the LSAT goes back much further. He began teaching the LSAT in 2003 while not yet finished with his bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington. After graduation, Matt turned down the opportunity to pursue a legal education (to the dismay of his parents) in order to stay close to the test he had grown to love. Over the past 8 years, Matt has taught the LSAT across the United States, developed advanced curriculum, and has personally instructed thousands of students.

In 2010 Matt took on several additional roles with Manhattan LSAT. As Forum Manager he offers support to Manhattan LSAT’s growing online community of LSAT friends. Check out the LSAT Forum for a free explanation to any LSAT question ever written. He also serves as Regional Marketing Manager in California, presenting to student groups and offering workshops on various topics affecting pre-law students. While this means a lot of time on the road, California is a great place to call home, and this gives him a chance to see more of it!

When Matt’s not teaching you might find him on a vineyard or in the winery. In 2008 he took an 8-month break from the LSAT to spend time learning the craft of making wine and caring for a vineyard. Conveniently (at least for the vineyard he spends his time at), most of Matt’s time off occurs around the same time that pruning season arrives.

Feedback from Matt's Recent Students

Matt truly cared about honing my skills and develop processes to utilize while taking the LSAT. He was knowledgeable in all areas, and his firm understanding of what it takes to exceed on the exam gave me the confidence I needed. – Student ( Winter 2012)

Matt was very adept at breaking down the logical reasoning notations that can sometimes prove very difficult to translate. I also really enjoyed his ability to synthesize facts about the test overall in a way that I could use as a guideline for approaching the test. Matt went above and  beyond to make sure I knew the material on multiple levels – Student (Winter 2012)

Matt is a brilliant and talented teacher. I can honestly say that Matt is deeply responsible for my increased confidence and ability on LSAT. His teaching ability at least as great as his LSAT ability! --San Diego Student (San Diego Summer A 2010)

Unbelievably personable. Makes you feel that he had known you for years despite only speaking to you through a microphone.  Also, he is extremely gifted at teaching approaches to tough questions. --Live Online Student (Live Online Summer A 2011)

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