Our Teachers: Brian Birdwell

Brian Birdwell

With 99th percentile scores on the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE, plus a decade's experience teaching these and other standardized tests, Brian has been around the test-prep block.

Whether in a workshop for 50 people or in a one-on-one coaching session, whether online or in-person, Brian's teaching is regarded as both engaging and accessible. Students most frequently speak of his ability to connect with them, his enthusiastic ("even fun") presentations, and his effectiveness at teaching.

Like his amazing colleagues at Manhattan GMAT, Brian has a long list of interests and wears many hats. When not teaching, he's probably singing, laughing, traveling, reading books of ancient Chinese wisdom, or all of the above. He's been a songwriter in Texas and a massage therapist in Hawaii, he's helped a blind man become a filmmaker and he once sold a million dollars worth of watermelons in 6 weeks.

At the moment, he's in Brooklyn, loving every New York minute.

To get a taste of Brian's teaching and pick up some LSAT tools, come to one of his free online workshops. Look for Zen and the Art of LSAT.

Feedback from Brian's Recent Students

I came to Brian just a few weeks before my LSAT because my scores were so inconsistent --I'd be in the 99th percentile one day and the 95th the next. In only three lessons, Brian helped me tackle the test in a much more methodological and aggressive manner, and ensured that I maintain a consistently high score. Brian was particularly helpful to me because he is so relaxed and confident in his approach to the test  that I couldn't help but become more relaxed and confident myself! If nothing else, this new frame of mind was worth every penny. --Private Tutoring Student, 2011

He is not only a competent LSAT teacher but also has an engaging personality and a way of making us comfortable to ask questions. Those traits are crucial in an instructor when we have to conquer a overwhelming exam such as the LSAT. " --Live Online Student (Live Online Spring C 2010) 

[Brian] Brian has the ability to engage with each student and help them understand and break the concepts down into the most basic terms. He has an incredible knowledge of the LSAT." -- Live Online Student (Live Online Summer A 2010)

Brian...can make even the most mediocre student feel like they have the gates of understanding open to them when approaching the LSAT. I would recommend [Brian] to teach anything. " --Live Online Student (Live Online Summer C 2011)

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