The New Manhattan LSAT Logical Reasoning Guide is Out!

Noah Teitelbaum —  February 14, 2011 — 2 Comments

It's Big, and it's Not Yellow

Boom! It’s big. That will be your first reaction. It’s 552 pages of pure LSAT chocolaty goodness. But this isn’t some stale Cadbury Egg (I had to keep the duck theme going somehow). We’re really psyched about what’s inside this book. We’ve kept our focus on what top scorers actually do, but we’ve added in a ton of practice sets (with explanations) to help students put our strategies to work immediately. We know that it’s not hard to find LSATs to practice with, but with our new LR book, your initial slam-it-in-your-head-but-think-deeply-cause-you-can’t-memorize-your-way-to-170 practice is right there. We’ve also expanded our discussion of the assumption family of questions. If you don’t know about our approach, what we do is find the commonalities between question types (and this will be a relief to those who find the overly-dichomotized systems found in other LSAT books to be overwhelming). We know that memorizing a ton of question types leaves you struggling on test day, so we keep it simple and powerful.

You’re going to love it. Take a look at how much we love it:

If you bought our last Logical Reasoning Guide after December 15, 2010, we’ll happily replace the book with a new one so that you can join in the Manhattan LSAT logical reasoning jamboree. If you bought it at a bookstore, send us the receipt, if you bought it through us, just e-mail us the shipping address to use.

Woo-hoo! We like big ducks.

Noah Teitelbaum


Noah Teitelbaum is the Executive Director of Academics for Manhattan Prep. He has co-authored the Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guides, has trained many of the MLSAT teachers, and has worked in public and private education for over 10 years. He lives in Denver, without the dog that is required of most Colorado residents, but with a wife and kid.

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  1. WOO-HOO for giant yellow ducks!!

    Which email do we send our request to?

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