Best Teachers & Highest Pay


Standards: We start with the most rigorous standards in the industry - our teachers must score in the 99th percentile on an actual LSAT and have two years of teaching experience. We then run candidates through an intensely selective audition process. All together, fewer than 10% of qualified candidates are hired. We look for the rare teacher who is brilliant and also able to run a class so that students are truly engaged and truly learning.

Training: Manhattan LSAT teachers are trained intensively for 2-3 months. Along with training sessions and curriculum projects designed to help teachers-in-training fully understand our program, each trainee must take the entire Manhattan LSAT course to absorb the big ideas and small moves that make a good teacher an excellent one.

100 Dollars

Professionalism: An intense audition and 3 months of training probably seems like a lot of work to be an LSAT prep instructor! How do we convince folks to do it? It's simple: we pay our teachers $100/hr, one of the industry's highest salaries, plus prep time! This is 4X what our main competitor pays, and it enables us to attract and retain the best LSAT prep teachers in the country. We also treat our teachers like the professionals they are - they're asked to contribute their own ideas to their classes, they help us keep improving the overall curriculum, and they go above and beyond for their students. Teaching for Manhattan LSAT is not just a job, it's part of a career.

Unfortunately, I have been studying for this test for a long time. Of all the test prep I've used, this one is the most thorough & seems near foolproof. After discussing a certain topic, I saw an immediate and significant improvement in that area. The methodology eliminates most if not all doubt from the test taking aspect. The class provides invaluable knowledge. NYC Spring B 2012 Student

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170+ Focus


LSAT students start out with all sorts of scores - and many LSAT companies strive to serve all of them. We're different. Our program is specifically designed for those who are striving for top scores. With our sophisticated curriculum, our teachers are able to engage every student, keeping even the brightest students on their toes. And, it's probably no surprise that the crowd who would be happy with a 160 benefits from our program as well. If you're coming to us with a very low score, we'll work with you to modify the program so that you are ready to participate in our rigorous classes.

It's a very positive, efficient and encouraging experience to prepare for the test. The only better option would be to NOT have to do the test at all. But Manhattan LSAT is very supportive in terms of content as well as with strategic advice to prepare for the test.Live Online Spring B 2012 Student

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Small Class Size


Our classes are intentionally small to maximize student engagement. It's true that lecture classes with 30-70 students might work if you need to memorize human anatomy, but for learning to think better? If you think a small class means more learning, we agree. So we cap our in-person classes at 18 and our live online classes at 25 (where we have two teachers). This allows our teachers to do what they do best - engage every student in a meaningful class where you're expected to ask and answer questions, struggle with new ideas and develop your critical thinking skills.

It's an engaging program that pairs great curriculum with outstanding instruction.Live Online Winter A 2012 Student

Innovative Approach


Our two main curriculum developers have taught test prep for years but they each approached the LSAT very differently. One is a natural test-taking wizard, easily scoring in the 99th percentile without preparation. The other is more like the rest of us mortals: he had to work hard to break into the 99th % club. They blended their two approaches to form the Manhattan LSAT approach. Furthermore, we know our limits - we know the LSAT will always come up with new curveballs, and so rather than try to beat the system and memorize every possible twist and turn, we equip our students to adapt. That's what the pros do, so that's what we teach.

I found the course comprehensive, well-paced and intuitive. The customer service and the environment was more intimate (small) and felt much more approachable than other courses that I've heard of. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking for the best prep experience possible.NYC Spring A 2012 Student

Thorough and Direct


The Manhattan LSAT program is intense and we make every hour count. With 36 hours of class time, twelve 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, access to 24 hours of live online review sessions, three instructional strategy guides, every LSAT ever released to practice with, and dozens of hours of online labs, extra class recordings, and PrepTest review sessions, we're ready to match your commitment. But, we also know that not everyone can spend all day preparing for the LSAT, so we make it easy to customize your program to fit any schedule. But, if you're looking for an over abundance of long, boring lectures, we're probably not the place for you. We focus on teaching you to do what the top scorers do - think faster and clearer - and that takes real teaching and real work.

This is really the best curriculum for those looking to bring themselves up from the 160s. It's certainly not exclusively tailored to that, though, and anyone can benefit from Manhattan LSAT's straightforward and effective approach. The company also really takes an interest in making sure its providing its students with the best possible service; you will never feel you are alone in your preparation. Well worth it.Private Tutoring Student, 2011

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